ǝʌolʎʞɔnl (luckylove) wrote in duct_tape_mania,

Reposted with permission

Originally posted by banditdacatsmom in childfree


....while I was shopping for some clothes for the vacation my husband and I are taking soon. Some moo was there with her kid, a boy about 3, who was screaming the entire time and actually telling the mother to stop shopping and take him for ice cream. While I was in the fitting room, I hear the moo ask the sales girl to watch her brat while she tried something on. The sales girl had the best response, her reply was "Sure. I think we still have that duct tape in the back room". The moo declined and took the kid in the fitting room with her. When I came out I told her that her response was great, she said unfortunately she has to use it several times a day.
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